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OPAL 7.0
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You are invited to recognise the benefits of the OPAL Addresses and Dossier Management System. OPAL is a user-friendly and professional dossier management system (CRM) with integrated document management, address management and project administration. 


In addition to its user-friendly data entry and administration, OPAL offers a wizard to import existing person, organisation and address data from any database or table (e.g. Microsoft Excel). Within OPAL for each person and for each organisation the administration of any number of addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and relations to other persons, organisations and projects is possible. Due to this flexibility it is possible that also the imported data can be expanded according to the represented reality. The dossiers for each person and for each organisation will be created and maintained automatically by the usage of OPAL. Here is an overview...

New: The new OPAL 7.0 offers a full range of new features including Smart-Filter in selection lists and an integrated e-mail client. E-mails and personalised mailing e-mails can be send fast and directly with your existing Internet e-mail account, fully independent from other mail clients (such as Microsoft Outlook). All e-mails can be send as plain text or HTML formatted and are automatically archived in all relevant dossiers. Overview and details of the current version...

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We are involved in the conservation and protection of nature, health, as well as environment and peace. This is important to us, not only but especially as basis for all economic activities and interests. Peace and environmental protection are no contradiction to economy, but their very foundation. Also because of that, renewable energies must be build up without delay and replace nuclear power worldwide and completely (see


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An error in Microsoft Office can cause, that OPAL is not started, but the solution is simple... This error is corrected in the new Microsoft Office 2016.

(1.5.2015, 101 KB pdf file )



Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 - operation, tips and suggested improvements.

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Experience report:

Already since 2001 the aid organisation International Project Aid uses the advantages of OPAL daily at multiple workstations on the local network (LAN). Read the OPAL experience report ...


Also for self-employed and private persons OPAL is the user-friendly and efficient addresses and dossier management. Here is an overview...


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